When walking into a home one of the very first things you will notice is the furniture. Furniture and upholstery is one of the main focal points within a home. It is important to keep your furniture and upholstery clean and beautiful for a lasting impression. I am going to be sharing with you why carpet cleaning Orange County is the best upholstery cleaning company! 

Our upholstery captures a ton of bacteria, dirt, and dust. Opening the front or back door lets in a ton of bacteria and germs that get caught within our upholstery. Not to mention the sand and humidity from the air. Upholstery acts like a filter within your home, catching and holding dirt particles, dust, and debris. Over time this can decrease the life of your upholstery and cause it to look old and brittle much quicker. 

Humidity is caused by moisture within the air. In California, humidity is unavoidable. This   excess moisture within the air can cause your upholstery to dry out. When too much moisture is in the air, the upholstery absorbs a large portion of it. Moisture within upholstery can cause mold, mildew, or cause the fibers to dry out quicker. Getting your upholstery professionally cleaned regularly will prevent mold, mildew and damage!

All Star Chem-Dry is the best upholstery cleaning company. That is a broad statement, isn’t it? It is in fact true though. When All Star Chem-Dry cleans your upholstery, they are doing more than just making it appear cleaner, they are removing all of the dirt and dust as well. All Star Chem-Dry uses a hot water carbonated extraction method to clean your upholstery. This ensures a deep clean and complete removal of dirt and grime, ensuring a cleaner and healthier home. 

Using a green certified solution the upholstery is deeply and thoroughly cleaned. This cleaning method also removes 98% of all allergens and bacteria from your upholstery as well as 89% of airborne bacteria. This improves the indoor air quality within your home which can help with breathing and allergies! 

The green certified solution that All Star Chem-Dry uses is called the Natural. Chem-Dry uses no chemicals or toxins which makes this product safe! (It is safe enough to drink, seriously!). This ensures that your upholstery is being cleaned with a gentle yet effective solution! This solution is safe for both children and pets which will make you happy knowing your family is safe. 

In order to be considered the best upholstery cleaning company, you need to have perks! Luckily All Star Chem-Dry has a ton of them. All Star Chem-Dry provides many other services that will help keep your upholstery looking and feeling brand new. 

Leather Cleaning

Leather is a special material. This elegant and easy to maintain material begins to wear though. Over time, if leather is not properly cleaned and moisturized it can begin to crease and tear. All Star Chem-Dry is proficient in professional leather cleaning and conditioning as well. Ensure that your leather stays looking sleek for many years to come. Your leather upholstery will be soft, sleek, and healthy! 


Upholstery protectant acts like a barrier for your upholstery. This protectant will help keep your upholstery cleaner longer and make it easier to clean. When a protectant is used on your upholstery, accidental spills are much easier to remove. This ensures that your upholstery will also be protected from moisture as well! You can rest easy knowing that your upholstery is going to have a much longer life with this protectant added to it. 


If you have children, pets, or somebody within your household with a weaker immune system, this is for you. Sanitizer kills 99.99% of all germs and bacteria which ensures a healthy and safe clean. This product helps improve immune systems by eliminating harmful germs that can weaken the immune system. 


If you are looking to have a fresh and clean smelling home, this product will ensure this. All Star Chem-Dry deodorizer lasts for months! Forget spraying down your upholstery with Frebreeze, if you want a lasting fresh and memorizing scent added to your upholstery this is for you!

Quick Dry Times

Another thing that makes All Star Chem-Dry the best upholstery cleaning company is their dry time! Chem-Dry uses 70-80% less water than other carpet and upholstery cleaning companies. This ensures that your upholstery will not be saturated with water which could lead to mold and mildew. Due to the minimal amount of water used during upholstery cleaning, your upholstery will be dry within 1-2 hours! 

Upholstery Cleaning Company That Lasts

Many other carpet and upholstery cleaning companies will recommend getting your upholstery cleaned every 3 months. If your upholstery is cleaned correctly the first time around then it should last much longer! All Star Chem-Dry recommends getting your upholstery professionally cleaned every 6 months to a year! Think of the amount of time and money you will be saving! 

When upholstery is deep cleaned correctly the first time around, it will ensure its life and cleanliness. All Star Chem-Dry is the best upholstery cleaning company because they ensure that you are happy with their work and it is done correctly! 

A Great Reputation

When anybody makes a statement about a specific company being the best, it is necessary to have proof. All Star Chem-Dry is considered the best upholstery cleaning company by many. With a 5 star carpet cleaning reviews on Yelp, All Star Chem-Dry has provided amazing cleaning for hundreds of clients. You can trust that the technicians are knowledgeable, polite, and professional. All Star Chem-Dry also provides carpet cleaning and tile cleaning as well! If you want the deepest, healthiest, and safest clean for your home, give All Star Chem-Dry the opportunity to show you why they are the best upholstery cleaning company and much more!