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The cut and plug carpet cleaning process is used to target small to moderate un-removable permanent stains this may include; bleach stains, urine stains, burns and other permanent spots. Just because there is an un-cleanable stain in a portion of carpeted room, does not necessarily mean you have to replace the entire room of carpet. Once you fit the criteria for this type of carpet repair; the process begins with us locating a potential a donor carpet from an inconspicuous location within your house with the same carpet pattern, at this time we make a small cut removing a small to moderate piece of carpet. The damaged area of carpet is also carefully cut out and removed, at this time we cut and shape the piece of donor carpet to exactly match the effected area, and this is what we call cut-and-plug.

Sometimes carpet gets loose over time, this can occur for a number of reasons; due to the carpet age, improper cleanings, movement of heavy furniture, water damage and poor instillation. Just because your carpet may have; wrinkles, lumps, ripples or waves, does not mean it needs to be replaced. The All Star Chem-Dry certified carpet repair technicians have the ability to fix this issue. However, unfortunately the longer you wait, the faster your carpet can wear and have potential permanent damage. Not only does this affect the appearance of your home and carpet, but it also increases the risk of family members or friends tripping. Our technicians use state of the art carpet repair and power stretching equipment to properly and safely repair this issue.

One of the unique pieces of equipment we use is a power stretcher (seen in photo below). This process starts with the removal of furniture from the damaged carpet areas, immediately following this the technicians begin will remove carpet from tack strips along the walls – which allows the movement of the carpet back and forth as well as side to side. At this point we will use the power-stretching machine to push and re-stretch the carpet until the wrinkles are completely gone. The last and final step includes the re-installation of the carpet onto the wall tack strips, ensuring it is safely secured in place. There are multiple before and after photos you can reference on our website and yelp account, which will allow you to better visualize the carpet re-stretching process.

Carpet seam repair is needed when carpet separation occurs, this is common in doorways, hallways or anywhere where carpet artificially meets and is glued together. This carpet separation can occur from normal carpet wear and tear, carpet age and even poor carpet instillation. When carpet separation occurs glue holding carpet pieces together dissolves, at this time carpet will pull apart showing space in between pieces, if our technicians recognize any of these signs they will recommend to you a carpet seam repair. This process begins by cutting out and removing damaged seam tape from the backing of carpet pieces, this is followed by installing fresh seam tape and using a carpet iron to secure pieces. The carpet iron uses advanced electrical wave technology to glue seam tape to the backing of carpet pieces, this mends the separation from the damaged carpet areas and ensures a completely thorough repair and completely level carpet.